Horny Lights distributes ShowTime Cleaner and Polish. Based in Bethany, Oklahoma a suburb of Oklahoma City, we are centrally located to provide quick delivery of product. The product is a washless cleaner that can be used on all parts of a motorcycle, car, truck, or any other vehicle. Safe on leather, vinyl, plastic, plexiglass, glass, paint, chrome, aluminum and rubber. Dries clear and leaves no unsightly residue. No reason to use multiple products. We offer a 100% money back guarantee.
New Combinations
Horny Lights, LLC. has introduced several new combinations to save you money on this great product.
Dealer Network
We have established a dealer network to make sure ShowTime is available to everyone at their local dealer. If your local dealer does not sell our product tell them to contact us. Private labeling available. To see dealers click Links above.
Recent News
ShowTime Cleaner
Horny Lights, LLC.
Horny Lights, LLC. strives to deliver nothing less than 100% customer satisfaction.
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