Horny Lights distributes ShowTime Cleaner and Polish has received rave reviews for over 15 years. We are rebranding the ShowTime product with a new company and name Simple Reflection Cleaner.  We are doing this because of a trademark problem. We still offer a 100% money back guarantee with no hassle. WANT THE BEST DEAL? How about buy a case (12 Cans) or (12 16oz. Spray Bottles) and get FREE shipping. Simple Reflection Cleaner is a waterless cleaner and polish that can be used on the entire bike, car, trailer, RV, etc. When applied it helps resist fingerprints and is an excellent bug remover. No more using numerous products. One product = less money spent to clean. Check out the new Simple Reflection Store for pricing. We sell direct to the public, but dealer inquiries are invited.
New Combinations
Horny Lights, LLC. has introduced several new combinations to save you money on this great product.
Dealer Network
We have established a dealer network to make sure ShowTime is available to everyone at their local dealer. If your local dealer does not sell our product tell them to contact us. Private labeling available. To see dealers click Links above.
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